Dear students of the fall semester 2020

Unfortunately, we cannot finish the semester before Christmas. The board has therefore decided to postpone the semester until the year 2021. All students of the fall semester will automatically be registered, free of charge, to the new semester in spring 2021. Those who cannot attend the semester in the coming year can contact us through the email


Important announcement October 4th

Because of added restrictions caused by covid we unfortunately cannot have any dance classes in person for the next two weeks. Therefore there will be no classes this following week from the 5th of October to the 11th. We hope to have found a solution with your help before next week to find a way to make up those lost classes for you. To help us do that we urge you to answer the survey we will be sending out in the next few days to give us a clearer picture of the solutions at hand. Be it over the internet or in person we hope to see you soon!

We hope everyone is safe and healthy and that we'll see each other in two weeks if nothing changes.

Sincerely, the Board of Háskóladansinn


Ný önn háskóladansins byrjar 7. september!

Við erum stolt að geta boðið upp á þrjá einstaklingsdansa á þessari haustönn 2020. Það verða:

  • Choreography workout (Mánudagar, 18:30 – 19:30) í Laugardalshöll
  • Solo jazz (Þriðjudagar, 19:15 – 20:15) í Íþróttasal Háskóla Íslands
  • K-pop dans (Miðvikudagar, 18:30 – 19:30) í Laugardalshöll

Ekki er þörf á fyrri dansreynslu.

Annargjaldið er það sama og hefur verið eða 7.000 kr fyrir háskóla nemendur og 10.000 kr fyrir aðra. Fyrir annargjaldið máttu svo taka þátt í eins mörgum danstímum og þú vilt!

Fyrstu tvær vikurnar (7. – 18. september) eru ókeypis prufuvikur. Einnig viljum við minna á Facebook síðu okkar og Instagram!

Við hlökkum til að sjá ykkur.


Áríðandi tilkynning

Háskóladansinn has decided to cancel all courses and dance nights because of COVID-19.

It saddens us to cancel the last week of the course but hopefully we can make it up to you when the ban is over. Sending you warm wishes and hoping everyone is doing alright!

We encourage you to practise at home and revise the videos that are in the groups so that you are ready to party when this is all over, because then we‘re going to celebrate with a social dance night!

Above all be careful and find safe ways to have fun!