West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a modern form of Swing dancing, it is more upright than the typical Swing dance and it is danced to Contemporary, R&B and Blues music. It is based on 6 and 8 beat patterns, but in reality it is a 2 beat dance, allowing for a lot of freedom, which is one of its biggest draws. This freedom, the musical interpretation, and being able to dance to a host of different genres rather than just one specific genre, are the reasons why this American dance is on the rise all over Europe. This video gives a pretty nice introduction to WCS, as well as couple dancing in general. myndband veitir ágætisinnsýn í WCS og reyndar pardansa almennt.

The University Dance has a facebook group. Feel free to check it out to find the latest information on West Coast Swing at the University Dance.
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