Do I have to bring a dance partner?
No, you don't have to bring a dance partner. In couple dances' classes partners are rotated regularly so that everybody gets to dance.

Can I join if I'm not a university student?
Yes. University students are the main target market but the University Dance Forum is open to everybody that's interested.

Does the semester price give access to one class or all classes?
It gives you access to all our classes!

I've never danced before, can I join?
Yes! We have both beginners' and advanced classes so there's something for everybody.

Do I need special clothing or shoes?
No, but we recommend comfortable clothing and shoes, sport shoes often work well.

Doesn't this take too much time for a student?
You decide for yourself how much time to spend on it but one class is about one hour. You get a lot of exercise and it's a lot more fun than the gym!