Swing & Rock’n’Roll

When American Swing dances reached Norway their merges with local dances formed Swing & Rock'n'Roll. The footwork is simple but the dance is rich in patterns and many style variations exist. Many skilled dancers have picked out elements of different styles and formed their own unique style. The dance can be danced to slow as well as fast music. When dancing to slow music the couple can rely on each other for balance but as the speed of the music picks up they must remain in their own balance.

Jumps and lifts can be executed and the man can dance with more than one and more than two ladies at a time! As you get better you can change the groove of the dance to the music and your humor.

This dance is also know as "Folke Swing". This is a very social dance so the most important thing is to relax and have a fun time dancing!

The University Dance has a Swing & Rock'n'Roll group on facebook. Feel free to check it out, there you can find the newest information on Swing & Rock'n'Roll at the University Dance.
Swing&Rock’n’Roll á facebook