REGISTRATION IS OPEN! It would be great if people could register as soon as possible so we can estimate the amount of participants, but the deadline to pay is not until 4th of may.
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Two workshops with Trisha Sewell hosted by Lindy Ravers and Háskóladansinn.

-Solo Jazz (2 hours)
(improver level and upwards).

-Suga Bomb A Followers Bootcamp (8 hours)
(improver level and upwards).

About Suga Bomb:
Trisha was one of the first instructors in the UK to introduce ‘Followers only’ based workshops back in 2003, under the brand the ‘Sugamammas’. She wants all followers to feel fabulous and confident about their dancing and to find their own ‘Unique Sweetness’ and develop a dancing look that sets them above the rest.

Followers need to be encouraged to express their own personal individuality as a dancer. The curriculum promotes self-analysis, self-expression and experimentation without creative boundaries. We gain inspiration from other female dancers (old and new) but understand the value in being different.

About Trisha:

Trisha is from Hertfordshire UK, and has been on the international scene since 2003. It is said that she is one of the most influential teachers within the UK Lindy Hop community. Her experience and tenacity has helped her to push the boundaries in everything that she does and she doesn’t give up until its right!. It is said that her teaching style is innovative, dynamic, inspiring, engaging and fun. She loves to make people laugh and feel relaxed in her class. At the end of her classes students are said to have been filled with energy, excitement with the added bonus of being given the permission to express themselves to their full potential on the dance floor and be themselves. Her speciality is ensuring that class material is balanced for followers and she has an eye for detail to see and understand what needs to be done to make things work better and for the dance to look as authentic as it can. She communicates clearly and makes the most complex of ideas and patterns simple so that students really understand how it should look and feel.

Trisha has natural flair, a unique touch and very distinctive style on the dance floor. Her focus is to recreate the look of the original dancers of Lindy Hop, mixed with providing followers with drills, technique and musicality. An accomplished musician & experienced in Tap she helps others to understand rhythms and how to improvise within the dance. She has had formal training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and musical theatre since the age 5.

Both Workshops (10 hours of classes)
15000 kr for members of Lindy Ravers and Háskóladansinn.
18000 kr for others.

Suga Bomb Workshop (8 hours of classes)
13000 kr for members of Lindy Ravers and Háskóladansinn.
15000 kr for others.

Solo Jazz Workshop (2 hours of classes)
3000 kr for members of Lindy Ravers and Háskóladansinn
4000 kr for others.

Video about the Suga Bomb Workshop